9 Pretty Simple Travel Planner

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Ready to travel again? Download this 9 Free Printable Pretty Simple Travel Planner to help you with all the details of your trip. This set comes with a simple design and with our brand’s shades of blue and pink together with ivory and peach. Each page is a simple layout but looks so pretty because of the color combination, I think. 😉

Did you miss travelling? What’s in your bucket list?

9 Free Printable Pretty Simple Travel Planner


This set consists of 9 pages:

  • travel planner
  • travel journal
  • travel itinerary
  • travel bucket list
  • vacation budget
  • flight information
  • my destination
  • destination information
  • my notes

Print in 8.5 x 11″ paper size for best quality.

You will get 1 file when you download this set because it is a multi-page PDF file.

I hope all of these pages would be helpful to you at the soonest possible time.

If you like the script font that I’ve used here, it is the Berrylina Font that is included in The Swirly Fonts Bundle from Creative FabricaThis bundle is packed with 60 elegant script fonts! Really a good buy, so worth the price and the fonts are all beautiful.

You can customize this planner by adding stickers and personalize it according to your style.

For other planner designs, you can download these:

9 Free Printable Pretty Simple Travel Planner


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9 Free Printable Pretty Simple Travel Planner

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9 Free Printable Pretty Simple Travel Planner

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7 Free Printable Pretty Simple Travel Planner

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