8 Free Printable Simple Self-Care Planner

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There is no better time to take care of ourselves than now. Download this 8 Free Printable Simple Self-Care Planner to help you with all the details of your self-care routine. This set comes with a simple design and with our brand’s colors. Each page is a simple layout but with a lot of activity details.

Do you have a special self-care routine? What do you think is the most important especially nowadays?

8 Free Printable Simple Self-Care Planner


This set consists of 8 pages:

  • planner cover page
  • daily self-care – healthy meals, affirmation, stress triggers, meditation
  • workout, de-stressing activities, healthy habits, notes
  • self-care activities, things I’m grateful for, week review
  • monthly self-care – priorities, checklist, notes
  • affirmations, note to self
  • 2021 calendar
  • 2022 calendar

Print in 8.5 x 11″ paper size for best quality.

You will get 1 file when you download this set because it is a multi-page PDF file.

If you like the script font that I’ve used here, it is the Angelica Font that is included in The Swirly Fonts Bundle from Creative FabricaThis bundle is packed with 60 elegant script fonts! I can assure you that all fonts are beautiful.

You can customize this planner by adding self-care planner stickers and personalize it according to your style.

To browse and shop stickers, click the items below.

For other planner designs, you can download these:

8 Free Printable Simple Self-Care Planner


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8 Free Printable Simple Self-Care Planner

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8 Free Printable Simple Self-Care Planner
8 Free Printable Simple Self-Care Planner

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8 Free Printable Simple Self-Care Planner

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8 Free Printable Simple Self-Care Planner

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8 Free Printable Simple Self-Care Planner

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